His Word In Me, Vol. 2 (CD)

    His Word In Me, Vol. 2 (CD)

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    • Format: CD
    • Length: 44 minutes

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    In keeping with the Scriptural theme of the Dalrymple family's first CD volume, these songs in volume II are full of rich, meaningful text and are wonderful to listen to! Each track is sure to inspire children to delight in God’s Word and encourage parents to train up a godly generation. If you were blessed by His Word in Me Vol. I, then this new release is a must-have for your home or on-the-go!

    Track Titles

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    1. Do All to the Glory of God
    2. A Merry Heart
    3. That’s How to Obey
    4. Days of Creation
    5. Zacchaeus
    6. God Sees Me
    7. Noah
    8. Things That Go
    9. As For Me
    10. Hold My Hand
    11. Sharing is Caring
    12. Little Things
    13. Clean Up
    14. Good Food
    15. Speak, Lord
    16. Good Morning, Mrs. Bird
    17. Humble Yourself
    18. Colors
    19. Children, Obey
    20. Clouds
    21. There’s No One Like You
    22. It’s Time to Take a Nap

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    • Format: CD
    • Length: 44 minutes
    • Publisher: His Word In Me, 2020
    • Dimensions: 5", 5 5/8", 3/8"
    Product Code: CHWIM2
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