Otto Koning - The Kidnapping Story

    Otto Koning - The Kidnapping Story

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    When a young missionary journeyed to his first mission assignment, a painful memory from his youth drove him to strive for spiritual accomplishments through his own abilities. In the jungles of New Guinea where he was attempting to share the Gospel, he repeatedly met frustration and defeat. But when an unexpected band of natives emerged from the jungle and snatched him away, the frightened missionary came to learn a vital distinction through the experience: the difference between doing work for God and aligning oneself with the work of God.


    “Early one morning a group of men came . . . they kidnapped me. They grabbed me, and they hustled me out of that village.”
    —Otto Koning


    In this Legacy of Faith presentation, former missionary Otto Koning recounts his battle with rejection, and the vain efforts he made in his own strength attempting to resolve it. However, as he shares in “The Kidnapping Story,” Otto testifies that there is hope! Indeed, our self-initiated labors can never fulfill our purpose on earth. However, we must learn instead to see and align ourselves with God and His eternal plan.

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