Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning

    Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning

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    • Length: 192 minutes

    Product Description

    In commemoration of the original Pineapple Story events, which took place 50 years ago, this special documentary series revisits the incredible acts of God that missionary Otto Koning experienced. When Otto entered the mission field, he encountered a myriad of challenges: theft, kidnapping, death threats, and constant spiritual attack. In each situation, God revealed a powerful solution to Otto. In this Legacy of Faith series, Otto shares a compelling presentation of faith, surrender, and love that will inspire the whole family.

    This series features 7 episodes:

    • The Dutch Boy Story
    • The Kidnapping Story
    • The Pineapple Story, Part 1
    • The Pineapple Story, Part 2
    • The Snake Story, Part 1
    • The Snake Story, Part 2
    • The Greater Weapon Story

    Product Details

    • Length: 192 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2019
    Product Code: ZLFKS
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