Otto Koning - The Greater Weapon Story

    Otto Koning - The Greater Weapon Story

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    The missionary Otto Koning faced many dangers while serving in the jungles of New Guinea. But among the most frightening was his interaction with a “machete happy” and “arrow happy” native duo: Sogho and Ketogho. These two men despised the missionary and his teaching, and would do whatever they could to disrupt his work. At times these men made hostile threats against Otto’s life, telling him that he would be killed if he ever returned.

    However, love compelled this missionary to stay the course, despite the opposition he faced. But one day the tide unexpectedly turned, and Otto had the choice to see his enemies’ demise or extend a sacrificial act of kindness.


    “He held that machete up to my neck, and he said: ‘One of these days we’re going to cut your head off!’ ”
    —Otto Koning


    In this Legacy of Faith presentation, Otto Koning shares the true account of facing hostility during his missionary journeys. In this final story, Otto describes that love—“the greatest weapon that there is”—is not simply a function of our will, but is a cooperation with the Spirit of God. This cooperation is what permits God to demonstrate His nature through us, no matter how strong the opposition.

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