Heroes of Faith: Dwight L. Moody Audiobook

    Heroes of Faith: Dwight L. Moody Audiobook

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    • Length: 80 minutes

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    Now remastered with music and sound effects!

    The noisy clopping of horse hooves on Chicago’s bustling city streets filled young Dwight L. Moody’s ears as he stepped off the train. He was eager to join the din of merchants’ voices and market-goers’ chatter; his goal was to have $100,000 by the time he was thirty. How did God change this man’s life and vision from selling shoes and gaining riches to preaching and bringing souls into His kingdom? From his early days until his death when he is “more alive than ever,” enjoy this moving narrative of the life of Dwight L. Moody.

    Read by Dan McMahon.

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    Heroes of Faith: Dwight L. Moody

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    • Length: 80 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2005
    Product Code: ZHFDM
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