Heroes of Faith: Fanny Crosby Audiobook

    Heroes of Faith: Fanny Crosby Audiobook

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    • Length: 20 minutes

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    Now remastered with music and sound effects!

    Through her physical blindness, many came to see their need for salvation and the Savior Who loves them. Fully remastered, the background music and realistic sound effects bring Fanny Crosby’s story to life. Hear about her early years, schooling, romance, and faith throughout while being challenged to trust as fully in Jesus as she did. The circumstances and events leading to the writing of some of her hymns are shared. There is a great story of a humble life packed in these short twenty minutes!

    Read by Dan McMahon.

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    Heroes of Faith: Fanny Crosby

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    • Length: 20 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2005
    Product Code: ZHFFC