Heroes of Faith: Gladys Aylward Audiobook

    Heroes of Faith: Gladys Aylward Audiobook

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    • Length: 97 minutes

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    Now remastered with music and sound effects!

    Listen to the fascinating true story of the British parlor maid who traveled to China in obedience to God’s calling. Initially despised as a “foreign devil,” Gladys Aylward soon won the love and respect of the Chinese and was able to reach government and military officials as well as starving prisoners and destitute children. She witnessed numerous miracles and won many to Christ.

    Gladys Aylward’s testimony comes to life in this dramatic solo recording. Make long trips in the car exciting with this recording!

    Read by Dan McMahon.

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    Heroes of Faith: Gladys Aylward

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    • Length: 97 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2005
    Product Code: ZHFGA