Heroes of Faith: Susanna Wesley Audiobook

    Heroes of Faith: Susanna Wesley Audiobook

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    • Length: 67 minutes

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    Now remastered with music and sound effects!

    Susanna Wesley trusted God and was resolved to train and educate her children for God. The mother of John and Charles Wesley (and 17 other children) overcame hardships and faithfully shepherded her children. Rejoice with each welcomed newborn’s cries, hear this humble woman’s heart as she pens her thoughts, walk with Susanna and be challenged by her resolve to point her children to live Godly in the midst of ungodly times.

    Read by Dan McMahon.

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    Heroes of Faith: Susanna Wesley

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    • Length: 67 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2007
    Product Code: ZHFSW
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