Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum: Discretion

    Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum: Discretion

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 32 pages

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    The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to help you teach character with a focus on God’s Word and applying His ways in everyday decisions. Each booklet defines the featured character quality, examines related Scripture, offers practical application, presents a hymn and its history, and includes four lessons — each containing Bible story questions, a coloring page, a memory verse, and a related activity.

    A closer look:

    The discretion booklet includes four lessons that illustrate how God enables us to demonstrate discretion:

    1. Choose My Words Carefully features the story of Elihu carefully addressing his elders.
    2. Choose the Wise Path features the story of young King Josiah and his choice.
    3. Control My Emotions features the story of Moses’ sin and the severe consequences.
    4. Turn Down Any Invitation to Do Wrong features the story of Joseph’s narrow escape.

    Learning discretion helps children evaluate situations thoughtfully and respond in a way that honors the Lord, reflects Christ to others, and makes a positive impact on their futures.

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 32 pages
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2018
    Product Code: ZBCDIS