Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum: Alertness

    Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum: Alertness

    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 32 pages

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    A closer look:

    The Alertness booklet includes four lessons that teach children to notice what is happening around them so they can respond appropriately.

    1. Keep My Eyes and Ears Open features the story of a young man overhearing a deadly plot against Paul.
    2. Recognize and Heed Warnings features the story of the Israelites' decision to flee or not to flee to Egypt.
    3. Sharpen My Spiritual Senses features the story of Simeon and Anna's long-awaited discovery of a fulfilled promise.
    4. Beware of Lies features the story of the liar in the Garden of Eden.

    Through this study, children are motivated to observe their surroundings to recognize and heed physical and spiritual warnings.

    If you have any questions on using the material or would like more information on the character calendar or curriculum, please email us at [email protected].


    “Thank you for putting this character curriculum together. My children have really enjoyed having the qualities laid out in such a fun and easy way to understand . . .
    [It has] brought about some great discussion times in our family.”

    —Arletta, mother from Kansas


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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 32 pages
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2020
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