The Richest Christian Game

    The Richest Christian Game

    • Format: Board Game

    Product Description

    Study after study proved that families who not only share an evening meal together, but also interact by playing games together, give children a sense of unity and stability. A lot of laughing, sharing, generosity and insight go along with playing this game.

    The Richest Christian Game is an interesting way for children to learn God’s ways to handle money. They will need these principles all the days of their lives. The game reinforces verses that warn about wasteful losses of money and how to use money to minister to others. Gain and lose earthly money as you move around the playing board. Each move is based on a verse, and to win the game, you must choose an “Opportunity Card” and use your “money” to serve the other players and receive “eternal treasures.” The winner is the player who gains the most eternal treasures — the richest Christian!

    Product Details

    • Format: Board Game
    • Publisher: Ornament Publications, 1986
    • Dimensions: 18 1/4", 13 1/4", 1 3/4"
    Product Code: TRCG
    Shipping Weight: 3.14 pounds
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