Pineapple Story Set

    Pineapple Story Set

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    • Format: 1 Hardcover, 12 Audio CDs

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    How did God use a pineapple garden to teach an angry missionary the unexpected results of applying God’s secret to conquering anger? The explanation, presented through a thrilling narrative in book form, explains how a person must be totally dedicated to Christ in order to bear fruit.

    In addition to The Pineapple Story, the Otto Koning set includes fifteen inspirational lessons learned in Papua New Guinea. God uses author and veteran missionary, Otto Koning, to delight his audiences with the humor and wisdom of his life messages. Koning’s lively stories from his missionary experiences are encouraging and motivating for all ages. You will hear stories including these:

    • God’s Grade School
    • From Failure to Victory
    • The Hitchhiking Story
    • God Enjoys the Impossible
    • Divine Appointments
    • The Snake Story
    • Miracles in the Jungle

    This resource is a great choice for road trips!

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    • Format: 1 Hardcover, 12 Audio CDs
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2012, 1997
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