Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning - The Pineapple Story, Part 2

    Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning - The Pineapple Story, Part 2

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    • Length: 26 minutes

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    When missionary Otto Koning realized that his stolen pineapples were not the source of his conflicts but rather his demand for his own personal rights, it catalyzed a journey of incredible transformation. With Otto yielded his rights, evident acts of God soon began taking place in the lives of the pineapple-stealing natives around him. Previously, when the natives would steal, there seemed to be no consequences. But when Otto gave his possessions to God, he soon learned that “God takes good care of His property.” Suddenly, when the thieves tried to take what had been given to God, they began to experience negative effects in their daily lifestyle: their children became sick, their pig hunts were unsuccessful, and the fish ceased to bite their lures. Such changes began to awaken the natives to the fact that a higher power was aware of their misdeeds.


    “Load after load, I was feeding all my people . . . Before I went with my cardboard box to get back my stuff. Now I was giving away wheelbarrow loads.”
    —Otto Koning


    In this Legacy of Faith presentation, Otto Koning shares the miraculous conclusion to The Pineapple Story, Part One. In this second part of the true account, Otto shares how yielding his rights did not only stop his conflicts with the local villagers, but opened the doors of God’s abundant blessing in both physical and spiritual ways.

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    • Length: 26 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2019
    Product Code: ZLFK4
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