The Pineapple Story Audio Series

    The Pineapple Story Audio Series

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    • Format: 12 CD Set
    • Length: 12 hours & 39 minutes

    Product Description

    In his entertaining style, veteran missionary Otto Koning shares 15 humorous and inspirational messages, beginning with the story of how a pineapple garden taught him the important lesson of yielding personal rights.

    These lively, true stories from his missionary experiences in Irian Jaya are encouraging and motivating for all ages. Perfect for long trips in the car!

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    Message titles:

    1. The Pineapple Story
    2. God’s Grade School
    3. From Failure to Victory
    4. The Hitchhiking Story
    5. Living in God’s Compound
    6. God Enjoys the Impossible
    7. Divine Appointments
    8. Miracles in the Jungle
    9. The Surprising Ways of God
    10. A Widow Who Became a Channel of God’s Power
    11. The Snake Story’The Weapon of Resisting
    12. The Weapon of Rejoicing
    13. The Weapon of Prayer
    14. The Weapon of Love
    15. The Weapons of Our Warfare

    Product Details

    • Format: 12 CD Set
    • Length: 12 hours & 39 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2004
    • Dimensions: 6 3/4", 6 1/2", 1"
    Product Code: ZTPS
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