Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning - The Pineapple Story, Part 1

    Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning - The Pineapple Story, Part 1

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    • Length: 24 minutes

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    When missionary Otto Koning went to New Guinea in the early 1960s, he was not prepared for the irritations he would experience from the local villagers. The natives had a cultural habit of stealing, and Otto soon realized that his possessions began to disappear. The missionary then attempted to end these acts of injustice by a series of methods: he reprimanded the villagers, closed his trade store, and even got a watchdog for his pineapple garden. But nothing seemed to work. Not only did his belongings continue to be stolen, but the people continued to be unresponsive to the message of the Gospel.


    “These guys were good thieves; they knew how to steal. They stole those pineapples. I never got a one out of that whole first crop!”
    —Otto Koning


    In this Legacy of Faith presentation, Otto Koning provides an engaging re-telling of a message that has come to be loved by thousands of people around the world: The Pineapple Story. In this first part of the beloved story, Otto describes the frustration he experienced because of a violation of his personal rights, as well as the internal transformation he experienced as a result of yielding those rights to God.

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    • Length: 24 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2019
    Product Code: ZLFK3
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