THEO Vol. 1: God's Love

    THEO Vol. 1: God's Love

    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 110 Minutes

    Product Description

    The first in a five-part animated DVD series about an English Pastor named "Theo" and his lovable friends, God's Love teaches children about the most important aspects of Godly living in three parts: "Saving Faith," "Loving Obedience," and "Forgiveness."

    Saving Faith

    Meet Theo, a kind English gentleman who knows a lot about the truths of God's word. Theo is a theologian, and in this episode he teaches us what it means to have faith. There are many things people can believe in, but not all things are faith-worthy. To illustrate a life dedicated to believing in the right thing, Theo shares the example of Abraham. The Lord had favor with Abraham, and because of his faith he was greatly blessed.

    Loving Obedience

    Luther and Belfry are two field mice that have befriended Theo, and really want to please him. They usually get mixed up in all sorts of mischief where ever they go. In this episode, Theo tries to instruct the young lads in obedience, and uses the story of Jonah to illustrate the consequences of disobedience, but also to show the many blessings that come when we obey.


    Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do, especially for Luther and Belfry. Theo tries to help his little furry friends understand what it means to forgive and why it’s so important. Theo shares the parable of the “Unforgiving Servant”, and how that story is such a great example of why forgiveness is a special act of love that Christians should show one another.

    Bonus Features

    • Animation Basics (approx. 70 mins.)
    • A Chat with Mike Joens, the Creator of Theo (approx. 5 mins.)
    With Theo, learning about God and who He's called us to be is easy and fun!

    Product Details

    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 110 Minutes
    • Publisher: Whitestone Media, 2013
    • Dimensions: 7 1/2", 5 3/8", 1/2"
    Product Code: DTHEO1
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