Learning Efficiency Series

    Learning Efficiency Series

    • Format: DVD - 6 CD set

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    Delving into his vast experience, Tom Hunsberger organizes this series based on the auditory and visual learning styles. As a follow–up to the introductory video of this series, more time is devoted to gaining a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of deficiencies in either learning styles, and the teaching methods that can be geared towards students that prefer one learning style over the other. A significant portion of this series is also spent distinguishing between lapses in learning and memory weaknesses.


    • Session 1: Introduction to Learning Efficiency
    • Session 2: Analyzing Auditory and Visual Weaknesses through Academic Deficiencies
    • Session 3: External and Internal Factors Affecting Learning
    • Session 4: Analyzing the Reading Process
    • Session 5: Remediating Deficits in Reading
    • Session 6: Remediating Deficits in Math and Written Expression

    With Decades of experience studying education and special needs, Tom Hunsberger provides real help to families with children who struggle in learning. His expertise in the learning process and learning deficiencies equips him to identify between aptitude problems and attitude problems. He discusses teaching methods, reading and writing, setting goals for special needs children, and more.

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    • Format: DVD - 6 CD set
    • Publisher: Institute in Basic Life Principles, 2015
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