Face to Face (CD)

    Face to Face (CD)

    • Format: Music CD

    Product Description

    This brand new release features some of your favorite modern hymns in a relaxing combination of harp and piano. Each song within this album is intended to inspire worship of our Savior as we anticipate the day when we will see Him “face to face.” As you listen to this instrumental album, the lyrics of these powerful songs are sure to resonate in your heart and mind and leave you meditating on the reality of God’s presence.

    Track Titles

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    1. Bow the Knee
    2. More and More Like You
    3. Mercies Anew
    4. As We Read Your Holy Word
    5. Jesus is Mine
    6. More Love
    7. Before The Throne
    8. All Glory Be to Christ
    9. My Jesus I Love Thee
    10. There is a Higher Throne

    Product Details

    • Format: Music CD
    • Publisher: , 2021
    • ISBN: CFTF
    • Dimensions: 5", 5 5/8", 3/8"
    Product Code: CFTF
    Shipping Weight: 0.39 pounds
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