Always and In Everything

    Always and In Everything

    • Format: Softcover

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    Do you long to walk in constant fellowship with God all throughout the day? Does your heart hunger to know the presence of the Lord in a deeper way even when you are facing trials and difficulties? Do you desire to experience the Lord’s joy in the midst of pain? In God’s simple command to give thanks in everything, we are given a powerful key to walking in unbroken fellowship with Him and experiencing the joy only He can give!

    The body of Christ is greatly impaired by the epidemic of murmuring and complaining that has swept across the Christian world like a contagious disease. God is inviting His people to turn from their ungratefulness and enter His wonderful presence with thanksgiving.

    In Always and In Everything, Gabriel Cleator explores the theme of giving thanks in everything throughout the Scriptures. Using illustrations from the lives of Christians in the past, testimonies from Scripture, and stories from his own life, Gabriel shows how rejoicing in all circumstances can revolutionize your walk with God.

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Publisher: , 2021
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