Wisdom Booklet Language Arts, Level B 29-32

    Wisdom Booklet Language Arts, Level B 29-32

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    Corresponding with ATI Wisdom Booklets 29-32, this set of four student booklets provides four months of language arts studies for students in the fifth- to eighth-grade skill level.

    Student booklets 29-32 are in an updated format. The student workbook now comes stitched, rather than in loose pages. The Answer Keys have been removed from the back of the student booklets and are sold separately in sets of four.

    Wisdom Booklet Language Arts (WBLA) is a comprehensive language arts curriculum, designed with the goal of helping families develop excellent communication skills while maintaining a strong focus on Biblical principles.

    Using a Teach-Practice-Apply approach, students will learn the necessary skills for writing effectively, practice them through given assignments, and then apply them in their own writing.

    While this curriculum is designed to correspond to each of the ATI Wisdom Booklets, it can also be used independently. A home-educating family who uses WBLA will not need to supplement with additional language arts textbooks. User-friendly and structured, WBLA is filled with teacher tips and other helpful tools for both teacher and student.

    WBLA is available in three levels:

    Level A for second- through fourth-grade skill level Level B for fifth- through eighth-grade skill level Level C for high school skill level

    For pricing and ordering of individual booklets, please call Publication Orders at 800-398-1290.

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    • Format: Paperback
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