Patch the Pirate Concert - Family Camp 2019

    Patch the Pirate Concert - Family Camp 2019

    $1.99 - $12.00
    • Length: 75 Minutes

    Product Description

    When it became evident that dementia was going to take a significant toll on the captain of the Jolly Roger, Patch the Pirate's “crew” had to ask God whether or not to continue the voyage in their ministry of song. Adam & Megan (Hamilton) Morgan share how the Lord has faithfully and clearly led them onward. With them are Bootstrap Ben, Tara, and, on the piano, Ron Hamilton's wife, Shelly. Through uncertain times, they encourage us afresh by echoing their flagship message: “Rejoice in the Lord,” plus . . . 

    • Little By Little 
    • Jonah 
    • Wiggle Worm 
    • It's All About Me 
    • Simply Trust 
    • All That I Need 
    • To Everything There Is a Season 
    • Every Good and Perfect Gift 
    • Calvary's Blood 
    • Lord, I Need You You 
    • Are Always Good Only One

    Product Details

    • Length: 75 Minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP, 2019
    Product Code: ZPTPLC19
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