Inspiration on the Ivories (DVD)

    Inspiration on the Ivories (DVD)

    • Format: DVD

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    From the climatic chords of "When We See Christ" to the exuberant melody of "Jesus Loves Even Me" and the peaceful notes of "It is Well With My Soul", these hymn collages will take you on an exhilarating musical journey through the many seasons of life. Each arrangement is performed on two pianos.

    These piano duos are as fun to watch as they are to listen to!

    Video Samples

    An excerpt from the hymn collage Joy in Serving Jesus

    An excerpt from the hymn collage Day by Day

    Song Titles

    1. Joy in Serving Jesus
      • Joy in Serving Jesus
      • I'm a Poor Wayfaring Stranger
      • Cheer Up, Ye Saints of God
      • I'm So Happy; Here's The Reason Why
      • Jesus Loves Even Me
      • God Can Do Anything But Fail
      • I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord
      • Happiness Is to Know the Savior
    2. Day by Day
      • Day by Day
      • Face to Face With Christ My Savior
      • When We See Christ
    3. Onward, Christian Soldiers
    4. Peace in the Storms of Life
      • It is Well with My Soul
      • We Have an Anchor
      • My Anchor Holds
      • Let the Lower Lights be Burning
      • I've Got Peace Like a River
      • Deep and Wide
      • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
      • O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
      • Master, the Tempest is Raging

    Bonus Features

    • Come, Thou Fount (Piano solo by Clayton)
    • Patriotic Medley (Live 2008 performance in Nashville)
    • Patriotic Trio (Some fun on two pianos with Joshua Wilkes in 2005)

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    • Format: DVD
    • Publisher: , 2010
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