I Believe! (CD)

    I Believe! (CD)

    • Format: Music CD
    • Length: 40 Minutes

    Product Description

    “I Believe” is the newest release from Aaron W. Baker and . . . his family! Sweet, cheerful voices accompany their father in these ten original songs that have been called “pure genius” and “timeless." Gather the entire family and join in the singing. Become the soloist as you sing to piano and full orchestra on the karaoke tracks. This is an album that everyone will want to play over and over again!

    Track Titles

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    1. In Heaven
    2. I Was Born In Sin
    3. He's Coming For Me
    4. Will You Now Receive Him
    5. This Is How We Grow
    6. Jesus Holds Me In His Hands
    7. Our Lord God Made Them All
    8. Greater
    9. The Lord Is My Helper
    10. I Believe
    11. In Heaven—Soundtrack
    12. I Was Born In Sin—Soundtrack
    13. He's Coming For Me—Soundtrack
    14. Will You Now Receive Him—Soundtrack
    15. This Is How We Grow—Soundtrack
    16. Jesus Holds Me In His Hands—Soundtrack
    17. Our Lord God Made Them All—Soundtrack
    18. Greater—Soundtrack
    19. The Lord Is My Helper—Soundtrack
    20. I Believe—Soundtrack

    Product Details

    • Format: Music CD
    • Length: 40 Minutes
    • Publisher: Aaron W. Baker, 2018
    • Dimensions: 5", 5 1/2", 1/8"
    Product Code: CIBE
    Shipping Weight: 0.18 pounds
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