Faith: A Holy Walk

    Faith: A Holy Walk

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    • Format: Hardcover
    • Length: 159 pages

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    Do I do good things to get God to love me—or to show that I love Him?

    Do I live as if God or Satan has more power? When trouble comes, is my first response worship or worry? Does my presence in the world make Satan's job easier or more difficult?

    Do I place more confidence in science than in Scripture? Do I put more trust in human legislation that in divine justice? Do I have more faith in good government than in a loving God?

    Is the soil of my faith more suitable for growing the vices Satan is planting or the virtues God is pruning?

    Oswald Chambers understood how poorly we comprehend real faith. Faith: A Holy Walk is a collection of his thoughts on this essential aspect of our lives. Chambers knew that our faith is only as good as its object—and that object ought always to be Jesus Christ.

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    • Format: Hardcover
    • Length: 159 pages
    • Publisher: Discovery House Publishers
    • ISBN: 1-57293-053-5
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