Creation Proclaims Vol. 1: Climbers and Creepers

    Creation Proclaims Vol. 1: Climbers and Creepers

    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 50 minutes

    Product Description

    Join Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan "The Animal Man" on a wild animal adventure. You'll come face–to–face with some of the world's most fascinating creatures—they are ferocious, mysterious, and at times hilarious.

    In Climbers and Creepers, you'll discover how Creation Proclaims the character, majesty, power and glory of our Creator/God. In each creature feature, you'll learn how God is reaching out to mankind by making Himself known in unmistakable ways through:

    • Gibbons — The World's Greatest Acrobat
    • Baboon — The World's Largest Monkey
    • Aye–Aye — Madagascar's Midnight Hunters
    • Hissing Cockroaches — Giants of the Insect World
    • Nudibranch — God's Rainbow of the Sea
    • New Zealand's Wonder Weta

    So grab your camera, pull on your hat and boots, and get ready to encounter God through the wild wonders of His creation. You'll be inspired by the Biblical insights and invigorated by the adventures!

    Make sure you get all four parts of the Creation Proclaims video series :

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    • Format: DVD
    • Length: 50 minutes
    • Publisher: Biblical Discipleship Ministries, 2009
    • Dimensions: 7 1/2", 5 1/2", 1/2"
    Product Code: DCP1
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