The Life Series: Love - Part Two

    The Life Series: Love - Part Two

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    • Length: 45 minutes

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    Have you ever interacted with individuals who seem to intentionally set themselves against you? When we are met with these situations, our natural response may be resentment, bitterness, or retaliation. When we hear God’s command to love our enemies, it may seem impossible to achieve. However, God’s call to love one’s enemies is not a demand to generate a pleasant feeling toward them, but is a reminder to let the One Who is Love exercise His nature through us. This is walking in love as He commanded us to do.

    In Part Two of The Life Series presentation on love, we invite you to hear how God’s command to love our enemies can be demonstrated in a consistent way through specific interactions with God Himself. This Biblical process reveals how the Lord is able to place and to perfect His love in us.


    “The Life Series opened my eyes to the Lord in a fresh way! I didn’t realize how low and self-centered my concepts of faith, hope and love were until I realized they were primarily for God so that He can accomplish His purpose on earth.”
    —Tim, participant from Florida


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    • Length: 45 minutes
    • Publisher: The Life Series, 2018
    Product Code: ZLSL2
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