The Life Series: Love - Part One

    The Life Series: Love - Part One

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    • Length: 48 minutes

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    Of all the commands in Scripture, the greatest one is a call to love: to love God and to love others as Jesus loved us. But the Bible also tells us that we love God only because He loved us first. (See I John 4:19.) We cannot fulfill the greatest commandment in the Bible unless we are first affected by God’s heart of love toward us.

    How does this happen? How do we know for certain that God loves us and how do we experience His love? Is it exclusively on the basis of something He said? Or can we be certain of His love by what He did?

    In The Life Series presentation on love, we observe God’s initiation of love toward us. In addition, we invite you to take a closer look at what it means to love Him. It is different than what you may think. Is the command to love God a call to performance, or is it an invitation to participate in the most precious interactive relationship there is?


    “My favorite part about The Life Series was hearing the testimonies from individuals about God changing their lives and bringing them closer to Him . . . It was an encouragement to see everyday people have the Lord speak to them and change an area in their lives . . . these testimonies helped me see faith, hope, and love worked out in daily life and how to apply what was being taught.”
    —Taylor, participant from Florida


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    • Length: 48 minutes
    • Publisher: The Life Series, 2018
    Product Code: ZLSL1
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