The Life Series: Faith - Part Two

    The Life Series: Faith - Part Two

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    • Length: 41 minutes

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    How do we get faith? Where does it come from? Oftentimes, when we lack something in a given area, we rely upon our will to get it. But if we study Biblical examples of faith, it becomes obvious that our will is not capable of manufacturing faith. However, our will does play a vital role in gaining Biblical faith. But what is that role?

    In Part Two of The Life Series presentation on faith, we invite you to discover the interactive process we must experience with God in order to experience Biblical faith. Maintaining that interactive process will produce a dynamic lifestyle of faith in which God is given continual access to express Himself through our witness to those around us!


    “The Lord has used The Life Series to open my eyes to new and deeper truths about His nature in the areas of faith, hope, and love . . . they are simple to receive, yet truly life-changing as we allow the Lord to open our eyes to more of Himself through His Word and the shared testimonies of His people.”
    —Brent, participant from Indiana


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    • Length: 41 minutes
    • Publisher: The Life Series, 2018
    Product Code: ZLSF2
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