Rebuilder's Guide

    Rebuilder's Guide

    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 251 pages

    Product Description

    This resource is also available in Spanish.

    The Rebuilder’s Guide provides solid footings to those who have failed in their marriages and are seeking to build afresh God’s way that which human love alone could not sustain.

    A detailed listing of the topics in this book is as follows:

    1. Rebuilding a Heart That Seeks God
    • Evaluating my true motives
    • Spending time daily in God’s Word
    • Learning who God really is
    • Entering into the resurrection power of Christ
    • Being consistent when we do not feel like it
    • Honoring the Lord’s Day
    2. Rebuilding a Commitment to God’s Design for Marriage
    • How marriage illustrates God’s relationship with Israel
    • How marriage illustrates redemption
    • How marriage illustrates Christ’s relationship with the Church
    • How marriage illustrates a believer’s relationship to law
    • Applying Scriptural principles to 22 marriage questions
    • Special rewards on the “exception clause”
    3. Rebuilding a Clear Conscience and a Forgiving Spirit
    • Evidences of guilt
    • Causes of guilt
    • Steps to remove guilt
    • Evidences of bitterness
    • Causes of bitterness
    • Steps to overcome bitterness
    4. Rebuilding Your Marriage
    • The starting point for rebuilding
    • Prerequisites for praying a “hedge of thorns”
    • The prayer to bind Satan and build a “hedge of thorns”
    • What will happen when you pray this prayer
    • Six essential steps after praying for a “hedge of thorns”
    • Seven basic principles to build into the life of your partner
    • Steps to take if your partner continues to be rebellious
    • When your partner returns
    5. Rebuilding a Learning Relationship With Your Children
    • See the vision
    • Check your motives
    • Expect barriers
    • Identify goals
    • Organize content
    • Establish accountability
    • Concentrate on building character
    • Learning resources
    6. Rebuilding Past Failures Into a New Life Message
    • What is a life message?
    • Basic chapters of my life message
    • Five basic parts of an effective “chapter”
    • The neglected truth of most life messages
    • The wisdom of God’s limitation on a remarried person
    • How to transform painful memories
    • No matter how great you failure
    • Basic guidelines in writing a life message
    • How a life message can be more fulfilling than remarriage
    • Important guidelines on using the gift of singleness
    7. Rebuilding the Damaged Marriages of Others
    • Begin through the church
    • Important church policies on marriages
    • Consequences when divorced people are remarried
    • Basic guidelines in talking to a friend who wants to get divorced or remarried
    • Learn how to ask precise questions
    • Consequences when a wife initiates a divorce
    • Consequences when a husband initiates a divorce

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 251 pages
    • ISBN: 09-1688-06-1
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