Mike & Connie Walsh Set

    Mike & Connie Walsh Set

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    • Format: 10 DVDs, 2 Softcovers

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    Oneness takes place when two people with two totally different perspectives and opinions submit their thoughts, wills, and emotions to the Lordship of Christ. It is urgent that couples understand and apply the Biblical truths identified in these resources for a fulfilled, powerful, and enjoyable marriage. Topics of focus include these: accepting your spouse for who he or she is, appeals in marriage, and dealing with anger, lust, and forgiveness. A collapsed marriage is a disaster, not only to the marriage partners and their children but also to all who are looking to them as an example and who will be influenced by their decisions for generations to come.

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    • Format: 10 DVDs, 2 Softcovers
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications
    Product Code: MCWS
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