Daily Success Audio Devotional (CD)

    Daily Success Audio Devotional (CD)

    • Format: 17 CD set

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    Explore the significance of Christ's commands for today, and apply God's Word in your life! Thousands of people have benefited from the Daily Success email program, which encouraged and motivated them to meditate on Scripture daily. Those 343 devotional emails are now available in this masterfully read audio CD format! Experience "good success" through the transforming power of God's Word. (See Joshua 1:8.)

    These new audio devotionals make it simple to meditate on Scripture every day while you're driving to work, doing projects around the house, or having Bible time as a family!

    Read by Dan McMahon
    17 Discs; Run times average from two to four minutes per track.
    BONUS: Includes two discs of the series in MP3 format!

    Sample Tracks

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    1. Day 001: Repent
    2. Day 002: Repent

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    • Format: 17 CD set
    Product Code: DSAD
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