Relationship Matters Accordion Fold

    Relationship Matters Accordion Fold

    • Format: Accordion Fold
    • Length: 8 pages

    Product Description

    Relationships are built from conversation, and these Relationship Matters cards will help you successfully initiate and navigate five types of conversation. Complete with simple bullet points and colorful graphics, this informative cards includes five conversation tools for the purpose of:

  • Connecting People
  • Comforting Hearts
  • Courageous Resolutions
  • Conciliatory Apologies
  • Collaborating Solutions
  • This small, but powerful resource was designed for couples, but can be used in the workplace and in any close relationship. Keep one handy in your desk drawer, nightstand, or wallet!

    Product Details

    • Format: Accordion Fold
    • Length: 8 pages
    • Publisher: Noble Call Institute, 2014
    • Dimensions: Folded: 3 3/4", 2 1/2", 1/8"
    Product Code: RMA
    Shipping Weight: 0.12 pounds