Journal of Law and Government Policy: One Nation Under God

    Journal of Law and Government Policy: One Nation Under God

    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 200 pages

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    The third volume of the Oak Brook College Journal of Law and Government Policy contains eight articles adapted from lectures presented at the 2003 Law and Government Leadership Forum. The theme of the Forum was “One Nation Under God,” and each article presents a different aspect of that topic.

    The Journal illuminates the distinction between a philosophy of government and religion. The acknowledgment of God and His moral law provides the framework for a republican form of government that protects the unalienable rights of people, including the right to worship—or not worship—God in the manner they choose. Listed below are the articles and categories comprised in this volume:

    A Speech on the Moral Foundations of Law—Roy S. Moore
    Liberty in a Nation Under God—Robert J. Barth

    Is America Really “One Nation Under God”?—Rick A. Green
    A Nation Under God and Equality Before the Law—Ken Masugi
    Marriage in a Nation Under God—Darrell D. White

    One Nation Under God: Implications for the Practicing Lawyer—J. Douglas McElvy
    U.S. and State Jurisprudence in One Nation Under God—Marian P. Opala
    “We Have No King But Caesar”—Roger J. Magnuson

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Length: 200 pages
    • Publisher: Oak Brook College of Law, 2004
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