Gospel Piano Techniques Book & DVD Set

    Gospel Piano Techniques Book & DVD Set

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    • Format: Spiral bound book + DVD set
    • Length: 270 pages + 2 hours

    Product Description

    “You are not just learning to play for church, but to play for God’s glory.” —Rudy Atwood

    For over thirty years, famed Gospel pianist Rudy Atwood blessed audiences with his unique playing style on the radio show “The Old Fashioned Revival Hour.”

    Now, the same techniques that changed the face of Gospel music are available in this 15-lesson book & DVD set of Gospel Piano Techniques! Each session focuses on a specific technique, growing the student’s repertoire from practicing beginner arpeggios, to playing full-fledged gospel songs, Rudy Atwood style. Whether a beginner or a seasoned congregational player, the fundamental truths learned in this set will takeyou to a new level of Gospel piano playing!

    Session Titles

    • Lesson 1: Scales / Arpeggios
    • Lesson 2: Three Basic Runs
    • Lesson 3: Right Hand Runs
    • Lesson 4: Phrase Endings
    • Lesson 5: Inversions/Introductions
    • Lesson 6: Big Chords
    • Lesson 7: Triple Meter
    • Lesson 8: Applying Runs
    • Lesson 9: Chord Patterns
    • Lesson 10: Bass Runs
    • Lesson 11: 6/8 Time
    • Lesson 12: Extended Runs
    • Lesson 13: Combining Runs
    • Lesson 14: Connecting Runs
    • Lesson 15: "Coda" – A Personal Challenge

    Product Details

    • Format: Spiral bound book + DVD set
    • Length: 270 pages + 2 hours
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2015
    Product Code: GPTS
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