Affirming Biblical Foundations Online Course and Workbook

    Affirming Biblical Foundations Online Course and Workbook


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    Affirming Biblical Foundations (ABF) Online is a virtual course that delves into ten critical topics for the Christian. Exposing several areas that impede our fellowship with God and man, this course highlights the Scriptural means to overcome these tensions and experience fruitful lives in the kingdom of God. ABF Online presents one vital topic a week for ten consecutive weeks, sharing its Biblical basis, its current need, and its practical implementation. This course can be done individually as well as with a group (i.e., family, church, Bible study group, etc.).

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    Included in this course:
    • Ten weeks of online access to the Affirming Biblical Foundations video lessons (one video a week for ten weeks), topical Bible study assignments, and additional resources.
    • One Affirming Biblical Foundations Workbook

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