Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible - KJV - Bonded Leather Black

    Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible - KJV - Bonded Leather Black

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    • Format: Bonded Leather
    • Length: 2,304 pages

    Product Description

    This beautiful bonded leather edition of the Bible includes extensive study aids such as introductions to each book of the Old and New Testaments covering Bible history, archaeology, and customs; footnotes that explain the exegetical, theological, historical, and geographical significance of certain passages; grammatical codes and their explanations, guides to translation of Hebrew and Greek with helps to modern pronunciation, lexical aids to both Old and New Testaments, a concordance, and much more!


    • Size: 8” x 9 3/4”
    • NEW! Wider margins than previous editions
    • Introduction to each book of the Bible
    • Words of Christ in red
    • Table of weights and measures
    • AMG’s Concordance of the Bible
    • NEW! AMG’s Annotated Strong’s Dictionaries
    • Combining Strong’s dictionaries with additional material taken from AMG’s Complete Word Study Dictionaries
    • Footnotes on the original languages, Bible history, Bible doctrines, and difficult passages
    • Strong’s numbers on key words in the text of the Bible
    • Grammatical codes on key words in the text of the New Testament
    • Used with the grammatical notations, these codes identify the forms of Greek grammar behind the English translation

    System of Study:

    • Key Words in the English Text Identified by James Strong's Numbering System
    • Codes in the New Testament Text Identify Grammatical Structure of Key Greek Words
    • Notations Explain the Significance of the Grammatical Codes
    • Hebrew and Greek Word Studies
    • Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries
    • Center-column Reference System
    • Concordance

    Product Details

    • Format: Bonded Leather
    • Length: 2,304 pages
    • Publisher: AMG Publishers
    • ISBN: 0-89957-748-2
    • ISBN-13: 978-89957-749-4
    • Dimensions: 9 3/4", 8", 2"
    Product Code: HGBB
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