HD Video Messages April 2023 on Flash Drive

    HD Video Messages April 2023 on Flash Drive

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    God was at work leading up to and during the April 2023 Family Conference. There are dynamic sessions in this set centered around prayer, and sessions full of stories and insights on how to have a close walk with the Lord, as well as practical truths on family and more.

    • Nathan Johnson: In Every Thing
    • Caleb Reed: First of All, Prayer
    • Nathan Johnson: Extravagant Forgiveness
    • Gabriel Cleator: Continue in Prayer
    • S. M. Davis: PRIDE - The Hidden Sin That Feeds Other Sins
    • Melodie Hendrich: The Privilege of Prayer
    • Gabriel Cleator: Transformed Instead of Conformed
    • Eric Ludy: The Rope and the Shovel
    • S. M. Davis: How to Be Reconciled to Your Friend or Enemy
    • Eric Ludy: Head 'Em Off at the Pass
    • Caleb Reed: The Power Behind Your Prayer
    • Gil Bates: The Family You Always Wanted and How to Have it
    • Ruth Adams: Before the Throne of Grace
    • Eric Ludy: Moments That Define
    • Nathan Johnson: Three Ways to Dive Deeper into God's Word
    • Eric Ludy: Dogmatically Right
    • Roger Helle: Men of Honor
    • Gil Bates: What Would Be Wise to Ask For?
    • Roger Helle: Lessons from the Furnace
    • Darlene Neely: The Practice of Seeking
    • Caleb Reed: Testimonies of Answers to Prayer
    • Nathaniel Paine: Learning to Love God as a Family
    • David Gibbs, Jr.: Doing the Impossible
    • Johnny Pope: The Power of Manly Purity
    • David Gibbs, Jr.: Heaven Sent Direction
    • David Gibbs, Jr.: Prayer for the Family
    • Johnny Pope: The Power of the Cross
    • Johnny Pope: The Power of Lovingkindness
    All of these videos are in HD format.

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