Turning the Heart of Your King

    Turning the Heart of Your King

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    • Length: 75 Minutes

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    In this message, Jenny Speed recounts the battle she fought to forgive her husband and overcome bitterness after experiencing fourteen years of unmet expectations. Listen as she openly and honestly describes the pain she felt as she watched her family on the verge of destruction while her “king” went about his life as if nothing was wrong, oblivious to the obvious.

    It was during this time of deep despair that God brought to Jenny the truths that she now shares with hundreds of women about how to live with an unbroken husband. As she began to apply these truths in her own life and marriage, God began to “turn the heart of her king.”

    This is truly the story of Esther! Married to an ungodly man who was no doubt unbroken, Esther had to seek God to find a plan for quickly saving her family. You will be inspired to follow her example as you discover a new hope that God can turn even your situation around.

    Also included is the testimony of another woman who has used these truths from God’s Word to transform her life and marriage.

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    • Length: 75 Minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2006
    Product Code: ZTHK
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