Trust and Obey

    Trust and Obey

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    • Format: Softcover

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    A joyful and breezy setting of the timeless gospel hymn Trust and Obey skillfully arranged by Sarah Wilson. The first verse begins in D major and is a straight forward statement of the melody with an Alberti style accompaniment. In the second verse the melody begins in the viola and is transferred to the second violin, then the first violin and lastly the cello. This is followed by a short transitional episode which modulates to E major. The last verse is brisk and spritely with various embellishments giving the piece a classical, Old-World flair.

    String Quartet (score and set of parts) 5 pages (Score) 2 pages (Violin,1 Violin 2, Viola, Cello). Suitable for intermediate to advanced players. Playing time: 02m:19s

    This arrangement is available on the CD album Masterworks Vol. 2.

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    • Format: Softcover
    • Publisher: Ziesemer Family Publishers, 2023
    • ISBN-13: 979-0-800046-48-3
    • Dimensions: 10 1/2", 6 3/4", 1/8"
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