Tracy Leininger Set

    Tracy Leininger Set

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    • Format: 4 Hardcovers
    • Length: Total of 246 pages

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    Go back in time to journey with the courageous Sacagawea in the Lewis and Clark expeditions or discover how Dolley Madison endured trying times with strength and beauty from within. Learn the secret to the unwavering fortitude and faith of Nan Harper, survivor of the Titanic, and read about Priscilla Mullins of Plymouth who, undaunted even by the death of her parents, chose not to return to the “safety” of England. Nothing can impact young readers more than miraculous stories of survival and extraordinary faith that influenced the very fabric of history!

    Unfading Beauty: Learn of the warm hospitality extended by one of America’s favorite First Ladies, Dolley Madison.

    A Light Kindled: Be inspired by the virtue of Priscilla Mullins, one of the first colonists in the New World.

    Nothing Can Separate Us: Read of the faithfulness of Nan Harper in carrying on the vision and work of her father, who led dying men to Christ as the Titanic sank.

    The Land Beyond the Setting Sun: Discover the courage of Sacagewea and her important role in America’s history.

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    • Age Level: 6-12
    • Format: 4 Hardcovers
    • Length: Total of 246 pages
    • Publisher: His Seasons
    Product Code: TLS
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