Theo DVD Collection

    Theo DVD Collection

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    It’s time to have fun learning Biblical truths, thanks to our favorite animated theological teacher, Theo! In the captivating Theo Volumes 1-5 DVD box set, you get all 14 Theo episodes in one place––the perfect way to teach your children what Christlikeness is all about with the loving instruction from the warm, and sometimes humorous, animal characters in Theo.

    All Five Volumes Together At Last!

    Get ready to enjoy learning about the Bible and our saving faith in Jesus Christ! Artistically animated and superbly taught, Theo brings theology to life in the Theo 5 DVD Set. Follow the antics of trouble-prone church mice, Luther and Belfry, as they bumble their way through learning to be like Jesus under the mentoring of their soft-spoken teacher and frequent rescuer, Theo.

    The first volume, Theo: God’s Love, teaches kids about our "Saving Faith" in Christ, walking in "Loving Obedience," and the importance of "Forgiveness." A bonus episode, "The Good News," helps youngsters understand salvation and what God has done for us.

    Theo (Vol. 2): God’s Grace features instruction on the "Armor of God." Theo gives us a lesson in what each armor piece represents as well as how we can use them in our Christian life to fight against the enemy of our souls. "Redemption" explains how our Heavenly Father purchased lost sinners through the death of His Son Jesus Christ. In the third episode, Theo uses the story of Jesus and Nicodemus to explain what it means to have a spiritual "New Birth."

    In Theo (Vol. 3): God’s Heart, Theo introduces children to the concept of "Justification" as only Theo can. He follows up with "Adoption," and finally, illustrates "A Day in Prayer" for his friends, Belfry and Luther. While justification can be a heavy term for children to grasp, Theo explains it so well your younger ones will be teaching you that we are made right by faith in Jesus––not by what we do. When a lonely dog comes along, Belfry and Luther learn about the idea of adoption and how Jesus has done more than just make us clean of sin; He's adopted us into God’s Family. Finally, in the third episode, children view Theo in action during a day filled with prayer.

    In the fourth volume of Theo: God’s Truth, children can learn how the seemingly complex command to "Abide in Christ" becomes quite simple when we focus on imitating Christ. The second episode presents how the Lord has given us a "Light Unto My Path" in the midst of an ever-changing world, and, finally, children find out "What Is the Church?" and how it is much more than four walls, a steeple, and pews!

    In Theo (Vol. 5): God's Desire, we are introduced to the "Fruit of the Spirit" and how Jesus changes our behavior from the inside out, the concept of "Salvation," and how to "Love Thy Neighbor"–– even when that neighbor is a thieving river rat!

    Bite-Sized Theology for Munchkins

    Ideal for families, Sunday schools, or homeschooling groups, the Theo DVD set provides all the Theo volumes in one place so you can enjoy watching each episode over and over. Children love the characters in Theo because the animations are so lovingly rendered. Thanks to the antics of Theo's two church mice friends and their little adventures, children are introduced to what it looks like to live like a Christian, what we believe, and how to let Jesus change us. After watching this Christian DVD series, your children will be teaching you!

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    • Publisher: Whitestone Media, 2013
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