Show Thyself Strong (CD)

    Show Thyself Strong (CD)

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 46 minutes

    Product Description

    Join in listening to the Herbster Trio, three brothers, in this melodious album that contains twelve hymns from the past, performed in timeless arrangements. This beautiful and fully orchestrated recording is a tribute to the greatness of our God. Let this collection of solos, duets and trios with delightful harmonies encourage and uplift your spirit.

    Track Titles

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    1. Come, Bless the Lord
    2. Amazing Love
    3. I’ll Praise the Lord
    4. Refine My Heart
    5. We Will Serve Him
    6. Show Thyself Strong
    7. Help Me Win the Lost
    8. I Will Glorify Your Name
    9. Wash Me Now
    10. In Heaven’s Glory
    11. All That I Am
    12. Immortal, Invisible

    Product Details

    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 46 minutes
    • Publisher: The Wilds Music, 2000
    • Dimensions: 5 3/4", 5", 1/2"
    Product Code: CSTS
    Shipping Weight: 0.39 pounds
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