Secrets to the Ultimate Marriage - 10 Disc Set

    Secrets to the Ultimate Marriage - 10 Disc Set

    • Format: 10 DVDs
    • Length: 11 hours

    Product Description

    Do you and your spouse have monologues, dialogues, or “duel-logues”? Have you simply forgiven each other or experienced full forgiveness? How can thanking God for a stuck-in-the-mud semi truck bring joy into your home? Can the enemy of intimacy be conquered? Mike and Connie Walsh, married now for almost three decades and parents of ten children, humbly and practically share Scripture along with their sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant testimonies of God’s working in their lives to build what their children call “the ultimate marriage.” These eight DVD sessions have a corresponding section in the workbook by the same name. There is additional material in the workbook designed to help clarify the messages and designated “pause” points in the videos to do the worksheets. The Secrets to the Ultimate Marriage is a great tool for group or personal use.

    This set includes:

    • Disc 1: The Complement, the Curse and the Cure (34 min)
    • Disc 2: Self-Acceptance: The Way to Accept My Spouse (73 min)
    • Disc 3: Personal Responsibility: The Key to Oneness (80 min)
    • Disc 4: Full Forgiveness: The Way to Inner Peace (101 min)
    • Disc 5: Exposing the Enemies (56 min)
    • Disc 6: Anger: Recognizing Its Roots (62 min)
    • Disc 7: Lust: Enemy to Intimacy (95 min)
    • Disc 8: Success: Standing Against the Storms (57 min)
    • Disc 9: How Appeals Should Be Used in Marriage (71 min)
    • Disc 10: The Vital Quality: Enabling Women to Love Husbands and Children (31 min)

    Product Details

    • Format: 10 DVDs
    • Length: 11 hours
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2015
    • Dimensions: 6 3/4", 6 3/4", 1"
    Product Code: DSUMS
    Shipping Weight: 1.14 pounds