Press On (CD)

    Press On (CD)

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 66 minutes

    Product Description

    Press On is a celebration of the 35th Anniversary of The Wilds! This collection includes vocal solos, duets, and choral arrangements. The signs are all around us that we are nearing the finish line of the race we have been called to run. This stirring CD is an encouragement to us to finish the race well!

    Track Titles

    1. O Be Glad
    2. We Walk By Faith
    3. All
    4. Is It “Gonna” Burn?
    5. Walk Worthy
    6. I’ll Run The Race
    7. Sacrifice of Praise
    8. Infinite Grace
    9. Come As A Child
    10. My God Is Good
    11. A Garment of Praise
    12. When God Is Silent
    13. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
    14. Fully Surrendered
    15. A Simple Offering
    16. The Ways of God
    17. I’ll Fly Away
    18. Press On

    Product Details

    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 66 minutes
    • Publisher: The Wilds Music, 2004
    • Dimensions: 5 3/4", 5", 1/2"
    Product Code: CPO
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