Preparation for Parenting

    Preparation for Parenting

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    It is unlikely that in this century there will be another series that will have as far reaching an impact on the way parents manage their newborns as the one you hold in your hand. The infant management concepts presented by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo are setting a new course for behavioral pediatrics — a course thousands of parents have already followed — and millions will soon follow.

    Preparation for Parenting presents an infant management plan that is unique for our time. Based on the premise that gos is orderly in all of His workings, His principles will not leave a mother ragged at the end of a year or in bondage to her child. It's a guide to creating a structure that encourages the rhythms of a child to synchronize with the needs of the child and those of the rest of the family.

    By Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo
    Binder; 4 cassette tapes, 220 page manual, plus charts and outline guides
    Growing Families International

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