Noble Call Set

    Noble Call Set

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    • Format: Set of 3 DVDs, 20 pocket cards, 1 accordion guide

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    The Noble Call Set is perfect for couples who want to get the most out of Chris Hogan’s teaching on relationship restitution and meaningful conversations. The set includes the Zero to Hero Conference DVDs, 20 Courageous Conversation pocket cards, and Relationship Matters accordion guide on the five types of conversations.

    Success in marriage is not measured by the absence of misunderstandings, but rather by how quickly you course correct and reconnect after a conflict. If the words, “We need to talk,” strike fear in your heart, then this DVD conference set will give you the tools and confidence to pursue connection, overtake the host of issues you are facing and recover all God has ordained for your marriage. Newlyweds will gain valuable skills to keep little issues from becoming big ones. Mature couples will find new ways to resolve old problems and achieve lasting resolution. Chris Hogan will teach the heroic deeds and then instruct and guide couples through the Zero to Hero process. During the conference, Chris will teach you how to consider a person’s most pressing issues, to know their soul in adversity by identifying their feelings, and to draw out the counsel in the heart by using 10 questions. You will be supported in applying these skills in a conversation between you and your spouse.

    NOTE: One left; DVD set is slightly imperfect.

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    • Format: Set of 3 DVDs, 20 pocket cards, 1 accordion guide
    • Publisher: Noble Call Institute
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