More Than A Story - Old Testament

    More Than A Story - Old Testament

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    • Format: Hardcover
    • Length: 432 pages

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    Now more than ever, our children need to know, understand, and embrace the truths of Scripture. More Than a Story: Exploring the Message of the Bible with Children is a new kind of Bible resource for children — exploring both the breadth and depth of Scripture. Key doctrines of the Christian faith are emphasized and clearly explained, all leading to the glorious realities of the gospel. Actual texts of Scripture are woven into each chapter, exposing children to the variety of literary genres, events, people, places, and themes of the Bible.

    The glorious account of creation and the sobering account of the flood; the scattering of peoples and a people becoming a nation; a burning bush that is not extinguished and an offering consumed by fire from heaven; a giant killed by a boy’s stone and a boy brought back to life through a prophet’s prayer; water from a rock and bread from heaven—the pages of this book are filled with stories from the Bible, all of them absolutely and eternally true, telling one grand story. More than a storybook, this 432-page book displays God’s manifold character as well as His glorious deeds, righteous commands, sure promises, warnings through the prophets and plan of redemption.

    Though the Bible is full of stories, it is more than a story. It is the authoritative Word of God that, throughout its pages, proclaims and magnifies the majestic character of God, His work in this world, and His plan of redemption for sinful men through His Son, Jesus.

    What makes this resource unique

    • Child-Appropriate Without Compromising the Text: There is a tendency when writing for children to make the resource too fun and engaging, so that it’s “child-friendly.” Sadly, children are often left with a delightful and memorable storyline but one that leaves out or minimizes essential biblical truths. This resource uses child-appropriate language to creatively convey biblical stories and truths, without compromising the nature or intent of the text.
    • A Clear Presentation of the Key Doctrines of the Christian Faith: Throughout this series, there are numerous phrases and statements highlighted in bold font. These serve to develop a systematic theology for children by highlighting key doctrines essential for the Christian life — doctrines concerning God, creation, man, the fall, redemption, providence, the church, and many more.

    Author Sally Michael shares her vision for this project: “I want to bring integration between the parts of the Bible and the whole. The Bible is one story. I want to give them that redemptive storyline and tie the stories together in a chronological thread of repeated themes in the Bible, showing how individual stories are connected to the grand overarching message.”

    Please note: Scripture quotations are taken from ESV.

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    • Format: Hardcover
    • Length: 432 pages
    • Publisher: Truth:78, 2020
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-952783-23-4
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