Majesty Strings Christmas (CD)

    Majesty Strings Christmas (CD)

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 51 minutes

    Product Description

    Bring in the spirit of the season with these new arrangements of Christmas favorites that will warm your heart just as a Christmas Eve fire warms your home. These traditional Christmas carols are elegantly arranged and performed by the Majesty Orchestra. The majestic music will bring joy to your heart as you celebrate the Savior’s birth!

    Track Titles

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    1. Christmas Medley
    2. Pastoral From Messiah
    3. Christmas Jubilation
    4. What Child Is This?
    5. Ain’t–a That Good News?
    6. Ten Thousand Hallelujahs
    7. Christmas Joy
    8. Christmas Fantasia
    9. I Wonder As I Wander
    10. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
    11. Christmas Lullaby
    12. Messiah Highlights
    13. O Come, Emmanuel
    14. Go Tell It On The Mountain
    15. Hallelujah

    Product Details

    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 51 minutes
    • Publisher: Majesty Music, 1992
    • Dimensions: 5 3/4", 5", 1/2"
    Product Code: CMSC
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