Lest We Forget (CD)

    Lest We Forget (CD)

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    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 48 minutes

    Product Description

    Our nation has forgotten the God of the Bible. Our families are falling apart. We are in desperate need of revival. Lest We Forget, performed by the Neely family, is a reminder to pray that Americans will recognize complete dependence on Jesus Christ, and that we will once again experience God’s blessing as families turn their hearts back to Him.

    Track Titles

    1. Patriotic Medley
    2. America the Beautiful, God Bless America
    3. Patriot’s Prayer
    4. Lord, Please Forgive
    5. Lord, Let Us Weep Again
    6. Revive Us
    7. For America
    8. Turn the Tide
    9. Armed Services Medley
    10. Patriot’s Honor (Story)
    11. Patriot’s Honor
    12. Godly Heroes
    13. Prayer of Dependence
    14. God of Our Fathers

    Product Details

    • Format: Audio CD
    • Length: 48 minutes
    • Publisher: The Neely Team, 2010
    • Dimensions: 5 3/4", 5", 1/2"
    Product Code: CLWF
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