Legacy of Faith: Lew Sterrett

    Legacy of Faith: Lew Sterrett

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    • Length: 150 minutes

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    The Legacy of Faith: Lew Sterrett series features the story of a man whose teaching technique has intrigued audiences for decades through the ministry, Sermon on the Mount.

    Lew’s double-barreled gift of illustrating family principles while training his horses has yielded practical lessons for horse-lovers across the country. A lesser-known fact however is that while he has had a love for horses since childhood, his early life showed little evidence of ever serving God—whether with horses or otherwise. As Lew shares, his life story unfolded in distinct stages, represented by four pens that are used in the horse-training process: the catch pen, the round pen, the practice pen, and, finally, the show pen.

    Lew identifies with each of these four arenas as he describes God’s guidance in his life, highlighting a variety of truths that challenge his viewers to take bigger strides in their personal walk with God.

    This series features 4 episodes:

    • The Catch Pen
      When a wild horse is herded into a catch pen, it may seem that its freedom has been taken away. But quite the contrary. As Lew shares about the struggles of his childhood and the process that led him to God’s “catch pen,” he illustrates how freedom is not doing whatever we want to do, but being empowered to do what we were created to do!
    • The Round Pen
      After salvation, Lew brings us to the next stage in God’s refining journey: the round pen. As Lew demonstrates in his own life, as well as with an untrained horse, he compares the “round pen” to the place where our unrestrained nature is curbed, where God refines our independent tendencies and captures our will.
    • The Practice Pen
      After a horse has been drawn to the master, the next stage is to go from compliance to commitment. In this stage, the horse learns to become sensitive to its master’s will and responsive to his leading. As Lew shares his “practice pen” experiences, he describes events that God used to cultivate sensitivity and responsiveness to Him.
    • The Show Pen
      In the final episode, Lew shares how the “show pen” is not about the horse impressing others, but about openly displaying the work and training of his master. For a Christian, this phase is about glorifying our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. As Lew describes this final stage, he shares about the current opportunities he has to bring glory to God.

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    • Length: 150 minutes
    • Publisher: IBLP Publications, 2020
    Product Code: ZLFSS
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